Look The Other Way

Evil thrives when no one’s watching

A young woman found bleeding to death on a stranger’s front lawn uses her last breath to whisper two words: I’m sorry.

That’s a first for reporter Kate Bennett. She’s determined to find out why a murder victim felt compelled to apologize. And she can’t wait to splash the news of an arrest in 48-point type across the front page of the Galveston Gazette

Detective Peter Johnson has seen his share of human carnage. He knows from experience justice isn’t always that swift or simple. When the case goes cold right from the start, he clings to faith that the killer will eventually face a reckoning.

But that’s not good enough for Kate.

Vowing to find the answers he couldn’t, she quickly discovers the truth costs more than some people are willing to pay. Can Johnson convince her that justice is still worth fighting for, even if she can’t see it on this side of eternity?

Look The Other Way is contemporary Christian suspense exploring questions of faith and justice in an imperfect world that desperately needs both.

Adverse Events

She thought her work would save lives…

When a vaccine researcher vanishes just as her team is about to announce a big breakthrough, reporter Kate Bennett and Detective Peter Johnson have to figure out what she was hiding and who had the most to lose if she revealed the truth.

Emily Gibson is a rising star in epidemiology. Smart, driven, devoted to making a difference. She’s still working on her medical degree, but she’s already played a major role in developing a vaccine that will save millions of lives. No one in the medical community doubts she’ll be at the top of her field in a few short years. Her sudden disappearance on the eve of her biggest triumph raises suspicions about what she might have discovered.

Still smarting from her last failed attempt to expose evil on her doorstep, reporter Kate Bennett latches on to the missing researcher’s story. She’s convinced someone wanted Emily out of the way and off the vaccine team. And when the main suspect lashes out at her, Kate prepares to exact revenge on the front page.

Detective Peter Johnson longs to satisfy Kate’s demand for justice. He’s determined to deliver someone in handcuffs this time. But when the investigation takes an unexpected turn, he must choose between following the evidence and keeping his promise to make sure someone pays.

To discover the truth, they’ll have to sacrifice their assumptions and risk losing the one thing they’ve each fought so hard to protect.

Adverse Events is contemporary Christian suspense that explores the intersection of faith and failure, and the limits of knowledge.

Washed By The Water

There's a storm brewing...

With a hurricane menacing in the gulf, reporter Kate Bennett and Detective Peter Johnson find themselves caught in a life-or-death struggle against an escaped prisoner hell-bent on revenge.

Tommy Gage murdered his parents on Kate’s first day at the Galveston Gazette. Her reporting on the crime thwarted the teen’s escape, giving Peter a chance to arrest him. When he breaks out of jail on the eve of his trial, they’re convinced he has bigger plans than making a clean getaway.

Kate is determined to stay and cover the storm, no matter the risk. But as the hurricane looms and Gage circles ever closer, Kate’s biggest battle rages in her own heart. After a year of keeping Peter at arm’s length, she knows it’s time to tear down the wall she’s kept between them. But she’s never taken a leap of faith, and this one feels more like jumping off a cliff.

Peter’s only goal is to keep Kate safe, even if he has to sacrifice everything to do it. As the island trembles in anticipation of the hurricane's wrath, Kate and Peter must confront their deepest fears and the darkness that surrounds them.

Washed By The Water is a gritty tale of heart-pounding Christian suspense that dives into the struggle between wavering faith and the enduring hope that lies in surrender.

Short Stories

The Jumper

An abandoned hotel. A shattered body. A story too perfect to be true.

It’s Kate Bennet’s first day on the job at the Galveston Gazette. She wants to impress her new boss, but her first assignment is one she’d rather skip. She’s already covered one suicide too many.

Kate finds an unexpected ally at the crime scene. Detective Peter Johnson understands the toll investigating tragedy takes.

The jumper’s story is crushingly familiar. Layoffs at work. Trouble at home. A deadly public act rips the scab off a festering personal struggle. It’s the standard suicide narrative.

Kate thinks she knows the jumper’s story. But assumptions can be dangerous.

Get a sneak peek into the lives of reporter Kate Bennet and Detective Peter Johnson. They’re both dedicated to justice but have very different perspectives on truth.

The Jumper is a short story prequel to Look The Other Way.

He Must Pay

An eye for an eye, until everyone goes blind.

When a grief-stricken husband turns vigilante, few people blame him. The justice system failed to punish his wife’s killer. What other choice did he have?

Detective Peter Johnson knows how quickly the pursuit of justice can become a thirst for vengeance. But his warnings fall on deaf ears. Even reporter Kate Bennett thinks he’s working too hard to protect a killer.

But violence begets violence … until someone chooses not to fight back. Can Johnson stop the cycle before it destroys everything—and everyone—in its path?

Get a sneak peek into the lives of reporter Kate Bennet and Detective Peter Johnson. They’re both dedicated to justice but have very different perspectives on truth.

He Must Pay is a short story prequel to Look The Other Way.

Ellie's Revenge

Halloween in Galveston is not for the faint of heart.

Six friends looking for a thrill decide to spend an evening alone in Galveston’s most haunted mansion. Only five make it out alive.

None of them can explain what happened during the mysterious attack, but ghost hunter Smiley Turner has an idea. He’s warned for years that Ellie Donaldson would get her revenge.

Reporter Kate Bennett doesn’t believe in ghosts. Neither does Detective Peter Johnson. But even they have to admit the evidence in this case defies obvious explanation.

Can they figure out who’s to blame before the murderous specter strikes again?

Ellie's Revenge is a short story best read after Adverse Events.